Microsoft: Climate Law “Only Part of Business”


Microsoft’s Alberto Arribas-Herranz notes that rising numbers and rapid changes in climate law no longer affect business costs.

The use of laws to delay or stop climate change is increasing worldwide. In the last 20 years the EU alone has published 51 different laws and directives, from renewable energies to car exhaust. It is becoming more and more difficult to operate worldwide without investing time and money in environmentally friendly qualifications.

“This is only part of our current business,” says Alberto Arribas-Herranz from Microsoft. “It’s sustainability because they are essentially what you need for a functioning human society, just as you obey other laws and we do other things. The same as. “

Arribas-Herranz is Microsoft’s Sustainability Science Lead for Europe. The EU is one of the most regulated regions in the world, but of course he expects more climate laws here and elsewhere for trading blocs spanning nearly 30 countries. to do.

“I really think that we turned the corner here … above all we have to be aware that there is a lot of pressure from the European Union, [to combat climate change,] And we’ll see more laws. “

Anyone who thinks there is no market for sustainability does not see today’s reality.

Spain has the most climate codes and regulations of any country in the world, 54, and the United Kingdom is 43, second closest. However, that doesn’t mean that the cost of doing business is higher in both locations. View-With only one guideline as a small Comoros or Equitial Guinea. Thanks to huge investments in environmentally friendly solutions, this is no longer a global benefit.

“I don’t think there is any conflict. It’s neither one nor the other. This is of course the basis for new markets. [drive for sustainability]Hence, it is not an activity that takes place on the sidelines. This is essentially mainstream.

“People who don’t have a sustainable market, who don’t want to see a solution and think that the bill won’t come, don’t really see the reality of where we are today.”

Write on the wall

Microsoft can certainly see how the future will go. The company implemented a range of environmental policies and processes, from implementing many environmental policies and processes to redesigning the data center to improve efficiency and comply with future laws, and appointed Lucas Joppa as its first chief environmental officer in 2018.

But it’s important to know that Arribas-Herranz says things will continue to change. The most important thing is to prepare.

“This is not what we were working on to get all the answers. This means having the knowledge that we are working hard and hard and building a team like the Sustainability Science team. Please face these challenges and implement them. “

Many companies (and shareholders) are reluctant to build teams at an unknown cost. It is therefore important to deal with environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and the corporate culture that goes with them.

“One of the good things about Microsoft is that it shows a very high level of commitment at all levels, from top executives to employees. In that sense, it’s not about commitment or resistance. What is the challenge? The challenge is to do it. It’s tough. “

It’s hard to be carbon neutral, and as Microsoft intended, being even harder to be carbon negative, but the results in themselves are rewarded. The company is currently investing money to avoid high financial, physical and human costs. Arribas-Herranz emphasizes the importance of a joint commitment to contain climate change.

“We have to keep that in mind. Being carbon negative is complicated, something we’ve never done in human history, and it’s complicated. Not only is it difficult and unprecedented, it also means that we are trying to do it very quickly.

“That means the challenge is to implement science, technology and politics and to interact with all these moving elements. But from a commitment and support perspective, with support from within Microsoft. The commitment is enormous. “

As for the earth, the short-term thinking time is over. We have to act now.

computer This year we’re hosting a Tech Impact Conference to explore the relationship between technology and climate. This includes the path to Net Zero, how to be environmentally friendly in your data center and supply chain, and how to make small, impactful changes. .. For those passionate about the planet and more vigilant, there has never been a better time to get involved.

Microsoft: Climate Law “Only Part of Business”

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