For small businesses, extreme heat can mean unexpected costs


Weather events have already hit many countries in the country hard this summer. Parts of the east coast are struggling with heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Elsa, and many parts of the west will be heading for more extreme heat this weekend. And what about the latest record breaking heat wave in the Pacific Northwest? A group of scientists said without climate change it would have been practically impossible.

Some companies just aren’t prepared for all of these extreme weather conditions.

Chris Donovan-Dirk owns the Bishop Burger Barn in California, a street eatery with outdoor seating. The heat was harsh for the people who got the food.

“Under a hot heat lamp, you know, out into the sun to serve the people,” she said.

She had to run the air conditioning over the kitchen grill at full blast. Many small business owners were recovering from the pandemic when the triple-digit heat hit.

“This makes them more vulnerable to losses compared to large companies that have backup resources than other facilities or locations [have]“Said Xiomara Peña of the non-profit Small Business Majority.

Unexpected weather can result in unexpected costs, such as: B. AC upgrades, higher utility bills, even irrigation systems to protect property in the event of forest fires. And according to Burger Barn owner Donovan-Dirk, customers can get impatient at over 100 degrees.

“Quirky people won’t wait in line that long when it’s very hot,” she said.

She has mister to keep the customers cool and she adds that when the diners sit down with a milkshake and burger they usually relax.

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