Credit App Case: Four People, Including Two Tibet Refugees Arrested | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Four people, two of them Tibet refugees residing in India, arrested on Saturday by Cyber ​​crime Hyderabad Police detectives on allegedly involved in a credit app harassment case.
Joint Police Commissioner Avinash Mohanty said Niranjan Umapathi and Usha, who live in Bangalore, and Tibetan refugees – Yeshi Gyatso and Nyichak Dhondup – were arrested in Bengaluru.
The defendants are said to have been linked to 19 apps that were used to distribute loans to borrowers. Many of the individuals who did not repay the loans within 7 days were defamed by them Calls and sending messages to anyone on the borrower’s phone list by the defendant’s affiliates,
The police said the defendant had one call center, with 200 employees to call and harass those in default to get the money back.
During the investigation, police learned that these four defendants worked as directors of two different companies in Bangalore and were employed by two Chinese nationals – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cheen Wu and Vice President Andy Lu Wenjie. suspected of being in China. After setting up the call center in India, these two Chinese left India.
All of the four arrested people reported directly to these two Chinese nationals. The arrested directors informed the police that they had found out about the job posting through a complaint. After applying, they were offered a job at a salary of Rs 1 lakh per month.

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