Charge-free forward loans adé

Charge-free forward loans adé

Anyone who, as the future homeowner, has carefully read the latest communications from the mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers, will have heard the bad news in good time.

Interest rates on long and short term loans

Interest rates on long and short term loans As one of the leading mortgage brokers, Good lender has announced in the past few days, since 30 November, non-impact forward mortgage loans have become a thing of the past. Debt is a rising yield curve (a high rise indicates a significant difference between interest rates on long and short term loans), which makes it impossible for banks to continue offering break-free forwards.

Clear saving advantage

Clear saving advantage The forward loan is particularly suitable for financing customers whose capital requirements will only arise in the coming months or even years, but who already want to benefit from low interest rates today. The credo: "Fix interest rates today, have the capital paid out tomorrow!", Mortgage lending customers usually have to pay surcharges. In the past few months, however, banks have renounced this and strongly promoted this clear saving advantage. With the new developments, this plus of the forward loan is, of course, obsolete.

Without favorable interest rates

Without favorable interest rates Nevertheless, home builders do not have to do without favorable interest rates, because in recent weeks, the general interest rate level has moved significantly lower. In the opinion of many experts, a reversal of this trend should not be expected in the coming months, which of course makes the financing of one's own four walls even more attractive. Mortgage brokers are proving to be particularly helpful in finding the right offer, as they select the best terms among hundreds of banks and thus not only offer their clients flexibility but also a real savings advantage. But not only for new customers, also for follow-up financiers, the view of the money market with the help of the experts is worthwhile, because with a clever rescheduling, several thousand euros can be saved.