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Is Pundico loan secure?

Anyone who has ever applied for a loan at some point in their life knows the bureaucracy this type of procedure can have and that some documents are really critical to getting the credit. But for those who are thinking about this for the first time many questions may arise. Having some data requested on […]

Loan Terms: What are Loan Terms?

Loan conditions are also known as loan or loan terms. They play a significant role in banking and are the elements of the contract that banks are willing to lend to borrowers. What are loan terms? What are loan terms? Which types are there? Framework conditions and rights in the context of consumer credit What […]

Building loan: What is a building loan?

What is a building loan? Differences to other forms of credit Conditions for the conclusion of a building loan What is meant by the allocation phase? What is meant by the loan phase and what should be considered? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a building society loan? What opportunities and risks exist with […]

Charge-free forward loans adé

Anyone who, as the future homeowner, has carefully read the latest communications from the mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers, will have heard the bad news in good time. Interest rates on long and short term loans As one of the leading mortgage brokers, Good lender has announced in the past few days, since 30 November, […]